My New Camera : Sony a7

Just over 3 weeks ago I upgraded my camera to a Sony a7.  I was contemplating for about a year and it was a tie between the Canon 5d and this camera.

I went with this because it was lighter, cheaper and a full frame and I just wanted something different,  everyone seems to have the 5d and i wanted my shots to look different to the standard fare. 

I took the train to London and went into the Jessops on Oxford street and got a bundle that included the 24-70mm kit lens and a Zeiss 55mm T*Sonnar Lens. The 55mm is to sharp and beautifully made. 

My previous camera the 600d is a cropped sensor so I've had to get used to shooting full frame and a more advanced camera, but the payoff has been spectacular. 

This camera is so gorgeous it handles light beautifully and allows me to achieve the kind of photography I know I am capable of