Summer Chic | Fashion Editorial

Last summer when I was enrolled at Barnfield College, my final project was to do a fashion photography shoot. I was looking forward to this because as you can tell, I adore fashion and editorial photography. 

I've never displayed the entire editorial and wanted to show it in its full glory. As you can tell I am immensely proud of this and hope that this progresses to bigger and greater things. 

The theme was 70's chic and a young woman with nature and almost angelic. 

The model was Kim who I thoroughly enjoyed working with and was professional. 

Surprisingly all the clothing was sourced from Primark of all places and just shows you don't need that much money to be stylish or to create something beautiful and photogenic. 



I am very proud of the work and it was a great way to finish my year of photography studies however there are definitely a few things I would change and do differently.

Firstly, I did all the work on my own, I was not only the photographer but location manager, model booker, stylist and hairdresser and when you're an amateur you don't have access to a lot of resources and so it is really important to have people around you to work as a team. For instance if I had a hairstylist I could have the hair placed in a manner that the fly-aways wouldn't be hell to retouch. I was going for a messy boho look but when you're focusing on getting the right shot and directing your model you don't notice hair in the face and how it looks. Also the effect I was going for was her being lit from behind so that added to that problem.  I also would source more outfits and looks and work with a stylist to maybe to give more variety to the looks. 

With all that being said I love this work and hopefully this leads to bigger and greater things. 


Also, if you're a make up artist, stylist, designer, hairdresser or blogger in and around the Luton area I would love to work with you and create something amazing that would be mutually beneficial. 

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